Serial/frame identification numbers, year, code, power output, from the earliest BMW motorcycles to mid-1990’s


(1) This article’s information was gathered from quite a number of sources, places and publications; but especially from several old factory (German literature) publications. It is believed mostly, but not absolutely correct. BMW factory literature varies in production numbers and serial numbers for quite a few models. BMW has, at times, confused…and mixed-up…their own figures. This has been particularly so when BMW has used both reserved serial numbers range for a model; and, serial numbers for actual production. BMW vehicle numbers are the serialized number of the frame or engine or both, the more modern versions of which can be 6 or 7 digits, and can be seen on the engine, and/or frame. After ~1980, the numbers are usually the last 7 digits in the new 17 character VIN numbering system, but this is not universal for all Country’s shipped-to. From 1984, BMW stopped stamping serial numbers into the area next to the engine oil dipstick. There is a LOT more to all this. See (5) below; and, see my companion article:

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