Starter Removal Instructions

BMW starters are not too difficult to remove and install, but some care in fitting, and some hints are helpful

Disconnect any and all battery negative (-) cables. Make sure they are well out of the way and won’t make contact with the battery (-) terminal.
Remove fuel tank.
Remove top engine cover. 
Remove front engine cover.
Remove all feed wires to the starter solenoid unit.
Remove the two (2) main starter mounting bolts. You may need a 1/4″ drive to get a skinny enough socket onto the nuts/bolts.  Some starters do not fit all that well, and interchanging Valeo and Bosch or Denso starters CAN BE particular problems.  Very little work is needed to make for a good safe installation, however.
An article that covers some overhaul work, but near the end has photos of what the fit problems are, and how to fix it, is here: The heads are 13mm and sometimes difficult to get a box end or ratchet wrench on. Some replace these bolts with Allen head bolts because it is easier to insert an Allen wrench between the engine case and the starter to hold the head of the bolt.

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