Torque Wrench Discussion & Conversions

BMW made some serious mistakes many years ago in converting metric to English values in various of their publications. They admitted this. In BMW Motorcycle Dealer Bulletin (Vol II, No 23,  dated 3/1982) BMW SAID NOT TO USE ANY PUBLISHED BMW CONVERSIONS FOUND IN BRACKETS IMMEDIATELY BEHIND THE MILLIMETER FIGURES, IN ALL SERVICE LITERATURE, INCLUDING RIDERS MANUALS, SHOP MANUALS, etc.   This means that BMW meant for you to NOT USE published foot-pounds of torque, or any other torque value other than the metric.   You can almost always TRUST BMW's figures in Nm....although I recommend less torque, for such as spark plugs; wheel preload, ATU nut, alternator rotor bolt, and a few other places, with some special cautions on the flywheel (clutch carrier) bolts.
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