Type V Fork Rebuild Tips

When I did research on rebuilding the forks on my 88 R100 RT, I found very little information regarding the “Type V” forks on the monoshock RT and RS’s.  And, what little I found turned out to have a significant amount of incorrect information.  I’m writing this to be used in companion with other information.  Clymer indicates the wrong damper rod assembly for the Type V forks.  In addition, the exploded views of the forks by both BMW and in the Clymer book are missing an O ring on the damper rod assembly.  The BMW fiche indicates only one O ring located on the damper rod; however, there is an O ring on the valve, which is not shown.  This O ring on the valve is the same O ring that is on the damper rod, so just double the order.  Since I had a hard time trying to figure out what parts to order, I have included a parts list at the end of this article. 

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