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How to access past Airmail issues?

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Paul Jones
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I thought there was an archive of past Airmail issues, where can I find it?


Thank you.

Posted : 08/29/2021 07:23
Paul Jones
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Here's my search result

Airmail Previews

We’ve put together an archive of our past issues. Check out the cover and table of contents to see what you’ll find in the full issue! Only ABC members get the full issue, so become a member today!


Posted : 08/30/2021 15:28
Brian Muir
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I am looking for Airmail archives for the late 90's for a couple of Oak's articles. The Above suggests that there is an active archive, if so can somebody detail exactly which tabs to click on to get there, I have been all over the site but can't access anything related to airmail.



Posted : 07/10/2022 15:03
Mario Magliozzi
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Hi Brian, 

The old issues are not available on the website. Going forward, the site will have a copy of each new issue. The work involved in uploading each PDF copy of the old issues would be a large endeavor not currently achievable with our current volunteer web team. Also, the old issues contain Oak's articles, which are forbidden from being published online. So the work would also involve editing those out of each past issue, which is what you are actually looking for. So unfortunately, the only way to find that info would be to find an old print copy, which the club doesn't keep an inventory of as far as I know. 


Mario - One of the volunteers helping to maintain this site and doing the work to publish the new issues currently. 

Posted : 03/28/2023 09:30
Joe Hall reacted


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