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Editorial notes and a call for submissions for June 2023 Airmail

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The May 2023 Airmail is at the printer and you should see it show up in your mailboxes around May 1st. This marks issue number four with the new format and I sincerely hope you have liked what you have seen so far. Please consider sending in your submissions for the next couple of issues. There is overflow content that will be in the June issue, but still please consider sending in your articles with high resolution photos to

Please note the following changes to the magazine:

1. Events will only appear in the magazine that are posted to the calendar on this site. This helps in gathering from one place all the upcoming ABC events that can be broadcast in print. The May issue has been rethought out to accommodate more events in one issue, where the detailed information will be on the website. This was done to allow for a longer forecast of events past the typical 45 days that was in the February, March and April issues. You can see the difference in the May Airmail versus what came before.

2. Airheads Marketplace: Ads submitted will run for two issues and then be removed to allow for newer ads to appear. Within that two issue run, you can notify me that your item has sold so that it does not repeat unnecessarily in month two. Or if you have any changes to your ad in month two. Your ad will be removed after 60 days. The only exception to this is if there is not enough new ads to fill out the section in month three. This will depend greatly on the number of ads submitted to the Buy and Sell portion of the website, where the ads are pulled from. This will solely be the discretion of the editor if some ads run a bit longer. It is not anticipated that this will occur often though.

As an aside, tweaks under the hood have been made in the last two issues and I welcome your feedback on Airmail. It has been because of member's feedback that these items were addressed. Remember, it's your club magazine and it only works each month with your submissions and constructive criticism. You can always reach me at to talk about what you like or don't like regarding Airmail.


Thank you,

Chris Parker


Posted : 04/22/2023 16:57


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