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Several Ideas to compromise and move forward

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Russell Jensen
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I won't even get into how ridiculous this whole thing is, as other members have clearly stated my thoughts as well. Lets get right to some compromises that I feel address the issues on Both sides:

1) Printed Issues: Consider going to 6 issues per year. Current issues are pretty thin anyways and should significantly reduce costs.

2) Oaks articles: Consider printing Oaks article in a print format (i.e. Guzziology by Dave Richardson) and sell it as a source of additional revenue for the club/Oaks wife.

3) Don't censor anything! This cancel crap from a bunch of old folks like us has blown me away on how crazy America has become. I dont know B Jan but read his stuff and it doesn't bother me. if it did I wouldn't read it. Consider a space in print or online like the ADV Rider site Jo momma forum

4) Transparency- BoD minutes should include member elections and how the airmarshals voted for board members. The current BoD has a lot of work to do to gain confidence in its membership.

Posted : 01/23/2023 17:00


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