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John Marshall
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Are the Airmarshalls supposed to vote on a board of directors? I would be interested in what the Bi-laws state. 

Posted : 01/20/2023 12:31
Dave Alquist
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3. Directors shall be elected by a majority vote of all Airmarshals. A Director or candidate running for Directorship must
be an Airmarshal. Candidates (or Directors for reelection, if apposed) must submit a 300 word or less position statement
and Bio by 1 April in odd years. Elections will be completed by 31 May in odd years only, unless a Director resigns or is
removed for cause. Directors after the year 2014 may not serve more than three consecutive terms. [see amendments]

Obviously, this isn't happening anymore.

Posted : 01/21/2023 09:07
Edward Adams reacted
John Marshall
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Were the three remaining BOD voted in?

Posted : 01/23/2023 15:44
Curtis Henry
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@newzhack Yes, the three members of the Board of Directors were voted into office.

In most cases the Board of Directors candidate is the only person on the ballot.  With the resignation of the Region 1 Director the Board of Directors only had one Airmarshal from Region 1 step up and volunteer to serve on the Board of Directors.  With only one the Board of Directors appointed him to serve the remainder of the term.

Posted : 01/25/2023 06:54
James Strickland
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This, from the 2nd paragraph of the bylaws, seems to allow the BoD to appoint a director. 

"Directors shall serve until successors are appointed or elected." 

The language of the by-laws is weak and does not directly address BoD resignations. Perhaps the 7th paragraph of the bylaws, particularly this,  "Airmarshals may also be selected to fill vacant positions by a majority vote of the Board" should be amended to include Directors.

former Airmarshal, IL.

Posted : 01/25/2023 08:47
Edward Adams
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@5542  Wait, someone was already appointed to the recently resigned position??  Where & when was this posted by the BOD’s ?? Is this not the place for updates of what is going with our club? There was a push to move ABC club discussions OFF the Airheads mica group emails and everyone was referred here. So where is the current happenings of the club posted?    Or has there been no public announcement?  What am I missing here that the membership knows nothing of what is going on?  

This post was modified 1 year ago by Edward Adams
Posted : 01/26/2023 22:54
Edward Adams
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@7577 Dave, can you forward me an example of the 300 word essay needed to get appointed as an Airmarshal?  And what else do I need to assume an open position?  

please send to 

Thanks in advance, 

Ed Adams (AirheadEd) 


Posted : 03/04/2023 14:00


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