The Duo’s Rebuttal
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The Duo’s Rebuttal

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Tim Roberts
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The Duo’s


by Board Member Tim Roberts

     The Duo feels that the 2 articles in Airmail were blacked-out because they advocated giving the members a voice, an opportunity to play a role in the decision making of their own club -- democracy over autocracy. 

     Who could possibly object to that -- other than autocrats?

     Autocrats don’t tolerate disagreement well.  To them, the correct response to free speech is cancellation, not more free speech.  The Trio accomplished that by firing the editor. 

     Their proposed “Editorial Review Board” will assure that no opposition will ever rise again in print.        

     Upon learning that, one member of the Duo, Dave Alquist, quit the Board in frustration. 

     What a shame for the Trio that I can’t also be fired like the editor.  Then they’d have free reign.

     Except, of course, for the massive outcry from the membership.

     The Board would have you believe that the dismissal of the editor was a simple replacement of a contract employee.  In fact, it is more like firing Steve Jobs from Apple. 

     Contrary to the popular adage, some people are irreplaceable.  When the Apple Board learned that lesson, they hired Jobs right back.  When the Trio finally realizes that,  let’s hope B. Jan is still available and willing.



Posted : 01/05/2023 06:58
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Don Mitchell
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I notice that a majority of the board wants to discontinue Oak's column. This I do not like. Even though he is gone his knowledge is valuable to a large following I'm sure. Why does a majority of the board think we the subscribers do not get a voice in this decision(Board meeting 9 November)? IF those board members who don't want Oak's information in the magazine WHY. If they want someone else fine, just include it in addition. I quit moa because they seemed to only be interested in the new BMWs. This club is dedicated or should be to the AIRHEADS as the masthead says. Make too many changes that deviate from this or as the modern word is get "woke" in any way I have no reason to keep on subscribing to the club. And after reading Tim Roberts response I know why there are so many blacked out portions of the January issue, censorship. Shameful 
Don Mitchell
Bellville, Tx

I'm sure I'm not alone,


Posted : 01/05/2023 21:15
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Edward Adams
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@9937 You are correct, sir- you are NOT alone!

Posted : 01/06/2023 00:37
Frank Jarrell
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@9937 I have not seen or heard that they want to discontinue OAKs column. What is being discussed is they do not have permission to publish Oaks column in a digital format. So if they have a digital version version, they cannot include Oaks column in the digital version. (Print would be OK)  At least one of the board member thinks it is a violation of Oak's trust to even ask the current copyright owner (his wife) for permission.


None of the Airheads I know are "woke" This includes the board members I know. Airheads I know are independent minded and value self reliance. This is regardless of their liberal or conservative stance. The "wokeness" in terms of this discussion seems to be a red herring to cover differences of opinion.


My 2 cents.

Posted : 01/06/2023 10:45
David Cushing
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I have been a member of the ABC for a long time.   I have volunteered my time as Airmarshal, Membership, website helper and most recently, Airstore Manager.  Eight years ago, I was attacked by 3 members of the board and fired by them.

Now, we have a similar situation happening again.  In between those years, a small group of dedicated members got together and worked on the bylaws to bring them into the 21st Century.  These bylaw revisions were submitted to two different groups of ABC boards for consideration and implementation as appropriate, but no real action has ever been taken, thus history is repeating itself and it should not be happening.

  The current board with 3 out of 5 members voted to fire the Airmail editor and go to an outside firm to handle all the various aspects needed to produce a copy of the Airmail.  There was no proper use of the "transparency" the board says it is doing.  The Airmarshals were not consulted about this matter before the board acted.  The Airmarshals represent the membership in their states and their responses to an action the board wants to take should govern how the board acts.  With the firing of the editor, who was paid $1200 a month to produce the Airmail, and an outside source has been contracted to do the same work.  At what cost is the new arrangement?  Before firing the editor, the board kept telling the members that costs were increasing such as mailing costs and the dues may need to be increased to cover the ongoing costs and to build a reserve fund for the future.  What are the costs involved for this outside firm to produce/mail the Airmail?  I am not aware of any information being put out about it.  I do not think my Airmarshal is aware either.

A board member resigned because of the shenanigans of the majority and the current board can pick a replacement. I have heard only of one candidate who appears to follow the footsteps of the majority, thus further solidifying any actions it takes.

What is a shame is that this forum is not viewed by many members of the Airheads and the situations shown here do not get reviewed by the majority of the membership.  In addition, they do not contact their Airmarshal about club matters that bother them.  The same can be said of the Airmarshals who do not keep in contact with their members who they represent.

Do not let this board run rampant over the club without voicing your opinion.  It is needed more than ever today.

David Cushing

Posted : 01/06/2023 13:09
Dave McLaughlin
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@9937 My ABC# is 8327. Not as old as some but older than most.  My subscription is up next month.  I have sent numerous emails to the board members and my air Martial agreeing with the Duo.  So far no results.  I have heard from my Air Martial  but I get the impression that if you are not part of the Trio, you don't count.  I guess the only way for me to vote now is with my checkbook.  As the Grateful Dead once said  "What a Long Strange Trip It's Been"

Posted : 01/07/2023 12:09
Bret Williams
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@9937 Not alone, and in the majority. If a minority were opposed to them there would be no censorship.

Posted : 02/04/2023 15:33
Edward Adams
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@7506  Rumor has it, the company producing the "new improved" Airmail is being paid $2000/month. As the BoD's refuse to answer any questions publicly- we all do not know what the facts are. and I find it odd that they do not want to sort out the strife they caused.  I have questions as to how the contract was awarded to the company. How was it arranged? Were others considered? how is it they (The 3) just happened to have this company all arranged and immediately upon completing the vote??

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Posted : 02/04/2023 18:08


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