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1983 R100RS and tech day event

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Joe Marrone
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Hello all,

I am hoping to attend the tech day on the 23rd in Gardnerville. I have several things to bring and looking for a reality check from this group as I have never attended a tech day before. I have the rear drive, transmission and engine case, minus cylinders and heads that, in my limited capacity, appear to need seals only and a new clutch.  Please don't jump on me for the limited capacity statement. I am in need of special tools required which I understand can be loaned from this group. My question is your take on which special tools needed should I be able to accomplish any one or all of this and quickest source for any suggested parts so I may be able to pull it off in time. I realize this is a lot to expect and ask for but it would be helpful if I could get even one of the three tasks taken care of.  I will do more research myself keeping in mind that my schedule and my back are limiting that research time and so leaning on the experts here for any positive input/support.

Thanks , Joe

Posted : 09/16/2023 12:17
Michael Benko
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Hey Joe! I've also never attended a tech day, but those tasks sound pretty daunting and would probably take more than a single day. I'd check in with your air  marshal and local air head group for additional support on those items. Regarding tools, I'm not too sure about the tool lending library (where it is, how to access) but have heard about it... hopefully someone else can fill in on that.


Plenty of resources online for your tasks though; boxer 2 valve, brooks airhead garage, etc... buy your shop manual or a haynes/clymer and go for it!

Posted : 10/17/2023 05:39
Richard Whatley
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The first "special tool" you need when installing new oil seals is a tube of P80.


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Posted : 10/17/2023 06:44


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