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Attended the Tenn Airheads Tech Session, 29-30July

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Philip Ager
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Kudos to TN Air Marshall Greg Sample for helping to organize the Music City Airheads Tech weekend. And a great many thanks to young Cal & Amanda for hosting the 2022 edition of the Tenn Airheads rendezvous. We read about the event in the Airhead’s Airmail magazine, and RSVP’d cause the Alabama Airheads do not actually communicate as far as I can tell. We rode up to Nashville on Friday primarily on state roads with much warmth & humidity. There was the threat of thunderstorms all weekend, but we didn’t encounter any actual rain from Fri to Sun even as we were fully prepared in our heavy Klim touring outfits. With our Airheads lack of Tupperware, we had plenty of ventilation {as long as we were Rolling}! We were pleased to make the acquaintance of about a dozen new friends who appreciate, maintain, and ride older BMWs! I got my oil changed on Friday before Amanda delivered a delicious spread of vegetarian chili to cover baked spuds, and some local fried chicken. Thanks for sharing vittles and other refreshments! Saturday, Phil & Karen got busy dismantling our bikes enough to gain access to the rocker arms to check valve clearances. Pete  had a digital carb synchronizer which he used on many peoples’ Bing carburetors. After the work was done on Saturday afternoon, we were treated to a fine selection of delivered pizzas (and everyone pitched in for the late lunch). Team-HSV does something similar at our house at least once a year, but it’s not just for Airheads; it can be for bike maintenance or just kibitzing. We’re thankful that we continue to make new M/C friends after resettling to north AL & the Tenn River valley from the Potomac River valley in 2018.

Happy Trails in all y’all’s Zip-codes!

Ciao, HSV-Phil & HSV-Karen


Posted : 08/02/2022 17:07
Richard Whatley

Sounds like quite the time ! 

[color=blue]Don't hide 'em, Ride 'em !!

Posted : 08/02/2022 23:52


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