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C&D BMW Freeport IL

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David Elkow
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Back in the late 70’s - early 80’s we lived in Waterloo IA, and I purchased my ‘78 R100 from C&D BMW in Freeport, IL.  With a good friend, I also did custom screen printing - kind of half hobby, half business. We did t-shirts for C&D. 

Cleaning out some boxes of stuff recently, I came upon copies of my artwork for those t-shirts. Great memories!  Bill Fleming and Jan were great folks. Any other C&D BMW customers still out there?

Posted : 12/25/2020 16:42
Tim Hille
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David:  I was never a customer of C&D, but my father grew up in Freeport and I lived there for a short time with him while we renovated his childhood home when I was about 12. I would love to have a couple signed copies if your art to hang in my Airheads club room with other memorabilia. Would you be interested in selling or making a trade for such a thing?  

Tim Hille - MA Airmarshal. 

Posted : 12/26/2020 05:05


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