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Colorado Shops?

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John Holley
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There used to be a couple Airhead independent shops around, one up in Loveland and another over in Englewood, but sadly both seem to have ceased operation. Anybody know of any left in the region?

Thanks, John

Posted : 09/20/2018 21:07
Jim Wilcox
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Bavarian Motors West is still in business. 2312 Delaware Street Denver, Co 80223. Phone number is 720 570-2044. Honest and knowledgeable.

Posted : 09/22/2018 19:16
Jim Wilson
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assuming you're an abc member otherwise you wouldn't bee here.........

the abc has a listing that is kept by dave C.

google [unfortunately you can] airhead capable shops. there's maybe 4-5 a/o late 2018

Posted : 05/02/2019 19:52
Mark Bogart
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You guys know there is a list of shops under Airlore > Airhead Friendly Shops on this site, right ?

Posted : 05/25/2019 17:40
Don "Radar" Wreyford
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What are you needing??


Posted : 06/25/2019 12:17
Donald Ruddell
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hey guys i hope im not hijacking a thread but i found a fuel tank for my /5 in Golden CO and the owner doesnt have time to ship it... is there an airhead member close whos willing to ship the tank to me? i have paypal and can make a pre-paid USPS label. just need someone whos willing to pack it up well to survive the trip.

Posted : 07/05/2019 12:55


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