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Happy Thanksgiving !!

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A very happy Thanksgiving to all !!

It's been a high-priced year, but there's so much we can each be thankful for.

Nov 11, 2023 was the first anniversary of my heart attack. So I'm continually thankful to even be typing anything this morning. Later today I'll be surrounded by 30 family members and sitting down to a wonderful meal. I have truly been blessed.

This is a day for each of us to take a moment and reflect. My life is not perfect; I'm still celebrating 'extended family' with "grand-chickens" and "grand-puppies". Three years on, my shattered clavicle still aches and sends strange sensations down my arm. But Hamas didn't invade and kidnap my wife, and Russia hasn't used my home for artillery practice.

Instead of focusing on those things on your MaxBMW "wish list", may I suggest you take this one day to focus on what you do haveEach of us has been given so much.

And whatever your meal consists of, whoever you're sharing it with... take my word for it... it still beats an unplanned ride in the back of an ambulance, down a road only motorcycles should use, with 2 EMT's being thrown all over the place, and being showered with medical equipment and supplies from the top shelves... while they try to find a vein !  ;D

[color=blue]Don't hide 'em, Ride 'em !!

Posted : 11/23/2023 06:14
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