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How to move 3 airheads cross country?

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Michael Potter
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My family and I are considering relocating to CA from the mid-atlantic, as such I want to get a plan together for how to move my 3 vintage airheads (GSPD, R100S, R75/5) cross country. I think shipping them individually will be cost prohibative, and as much as I'd love to have 3 epic fly and rides, the newest of the bikes is 30 years old, and I have small kids so I can't see myself making the time.

I am considering renting or (buying) a trailer to take them all out there. We have two drivers, a Honda Pilot (3500 towing capacity) and a Honda Odyssey (3000 towing capacity) - we will likely use a packing cube of a national moving company for the rest of our stuff.

My priorities are:
1) Safely getting my precious bikes across country
2) Reasonable Total Cost
3) Minimizing additional trips

Does anyone have recommendations on an approach to bringing my fleet with me out West?

Posted : 03/28/2023 14:23
Larry A. Chabira
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I would buy a NEW 6x10 utility trailer, single axle , 2 bikes will go in forward the center one in backward. it will have a 3500 lb axle. so it will carry 3 bikes which only weigh about 1800 lbs. when you get to the destination you can sell the trailer for pretty close to what it cost , utility trailers depreciate very little . 

Posted : 03/28/2023 19:26
Michael Benko
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I'm curious if you went the new trailer route or shipping route or fly n ride... seems to me you should fly n ride at least one!!

Posted : 07/28/2023 10:19
Richard W
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I have used both of these....

• There is a company called Forward Air that uses a container to ship by truck. Their container is large, but you would proabably max out at 2 bikes.

• Another company called Keyboard Motorcycle Shipping will ship your bike by truck on a small pallet. All they ship is pianos and motorcycles.


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Owning an old Airhead is easy.
Keeping an old Airhead running great is the true test.

Posted : 07/29/2023 04:33


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