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R100/7 - 1977 Mfg Year - Question on turn signal relay replacement options

Duncan Cooper
New Member

Problem: Both turn signals are flashing on and can not turn off at switch with ignition key on.

Diagnosis so far: I have a strong suspicion that the turn signal relay, in the head light housing, PN 61-31-1-358-198 has to be replaced.  Does anyone know of an over the counter replacement, 3 prong.  Through one of several aftermarket options pricing is around $58.00. With some rewiring, I can purchase a Trisdin Stant 3 terminal for $5.50 and make it work.  Just wondering if there is a plug and play NAPA or equivilent available.


Thank you,

R100/7 Owner


Topic starter Posted : 12/29/2021 12:02
Bob Whigham
Estimable Member

If both are flashing with the ignition on and turn blinker switch off, the problem is not the relay. With the switch off there should not be a connection from relay to indicators according to the wiring diagram. 

Posted : 12/30/2021 15:55


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