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Rocky Point Ignition installation guidance needed

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Bill Denzer
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'72 R75/5 purchased with the R.P. ignition replacement installed. It became necessary to gut wiring inside bucket now installing replacement chasis harness and L/R handlebar switch harnesses. The extra terminal block included in the R.P. Kit provides 8 connections, the 3 wires from the ignition switch straight forwards yey the very non descript wiring diagram quite confusing, for example regarding placement of blue/red, blue/blk turnsignal and indicator wiring to the extra wiring block, it's getting crowded in there already. Also how does the extra wire block interface the wiring with the original terminal block? The R.P. system was a popular "upgrade" being sold at one time, I'm hoping here that someone who owns one can provide guidance and hopefully some detailed pics inside their bucket but without ckever extra augmentation such as additional relays, etc. Bill E Denzer 3809

Posted : 04/18/2024 05:36


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