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Speedometer Kaput 1975 R90/6

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Greg Wilson
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I was riding along,  heard a rattling noise from the instruments and then, “pow”, the speedometer just let go.  The dial seemed to break free and I could see that the screws holding it in place were no longer there and the needle no longer moves.  Is this something a newbie can fix by taking it apart and finding the screws and replacing them.  Or could the cable be broken and need professional attention?

Posted : 03/15/2024 05:59
James Strickland
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 I would be inclined to send the speedo to a specialty shop. There is probably an  advertiser in the Airmail that specializes in this work. In my experience, a new speedo cable is a good idea if you go that route. A person wouldn't want an expensive repair to be ruined by a wonky cable.

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Posted : 03/15/2024 08:42
Steven Rankin
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Greg, to be honest I would need a better description of the issue or pictures to answer you.  Your speedometer is pretty well built and frankly I have never had one go pow, lol.    

A new cable would be a must as they don't last forever and when binding due to wear can snap and cause weird readings on the gauge.  A cable is not all that hard to replace.

As to what other screws you are writing about, can you take some pictures and post them?  Thanks, St.

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Posted : 03/17/2024 06:22


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