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We all forget life is about compromise sometimes.

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Aric Henschen
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ABC hasn’t been putting the “fun” in dysfunction lately. The blame for this lies with all involved – there are no “victims” here, only people who want their own way – on both sides. Let’s compromise and fix it.

There has been A LOT of discussion about the Airmail - specifically, digital vs hard copies – sometimes more yelling than talking. When we are passionate about something, we often close our ears and eyes to others’ points of view, or any thought of compromise. I think this is the time when we all need to step back, take a deep breath, and try to come up with a solution we can all agree on. It probably won’t be the perfect solution for any one person, but that is what compromise is all about – not finding the perfect solution for one group and shunning another, but finding common ground.

As I see it, the main sticking point to offering a digital copy [to those of us who don’t want paper] is the Oak articles in the Airtech section. (Please let me know if I am wrong.) Yes, Oak has wonderful information, and yes, B. Jan said he would never put this section out online. So instead of simply yelling at each other over this and acting like spoiled children, let’s come up with a compromise we can all (mostly) agree on.

My solution: Take the Oak articles out of Airmail, so it can be published digitally, and print an annual “OAKtech” directory, similar to the annual dAIRectory. Also, Airmail could still be published in paper form for those of you who still enjoy the tactile experience.

This would solve several issues that are now sticking points. This would also solve one of my biggest pet peeves about this treasure trove of technical information, and that is trying to find specific topics in back issues that I have to keep. This content would be far more helpful and valuable if placed in one annual publication.

Oh, and B. Jan needs to stop using Airmail as a soapbox to push his personal agenda…

Thoughts? I’m all ears, and willing to listen to any and all feedback. Let's come up with solutions to our problems, and not just complain about them!

Thank you for your time to read this.


Aric Henschen


Posted : 01/17/2023 07:00
Justin Morrison
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Hello Aric. Nice to see your thoughtful note here.

This is what I penned for the BoD and whoever might be interested. I agree with your main points and the solution. I wasn't so diplomatic in my tone, but that's because I've had enough with Jan and, yes, it's personal.

I vote to remove Jan as editor of Airmail, and shift the responsibility to an editoral committee until a new editor can be hired.

As the person who has supported Jan for over 10 years migrating from Amipro to OpenOffice and later to Adobe InDesign, which has been used to publish the newsletter for at least the last 6 years, I would be happy to facilitate the transition, pro-bono.

It's time for Jan to get back to riding and wrenching and enjoying a brew. I, for one, don't want to read this &$^% anymore and I think he also has better uses for his time than alienating new and old riders alike. 

If it matters: 

I support a hybrid print and web-based publication. 

The print magazine has been of such poor aesthetic quality for so long now, and the content is redundant: the same ads, in the same place, and we're lucky if they're not pixelated or misformed; recycled material from Oak that can be found in back-issues or his tech index. What else? Petty, condescending, and obviously manipulative editorial content has me wondering why we waste money on this when a single printed pamphlet with the upcoming events and a brief acknowledgment of our sponsors would suffice for those who haven't found the internet net. Given that Jan requests we "vote" by email, I assume even he understands that everyone is now online.

I support removing Oak's continually recycled material from the Airmail if necessary. Sell back issues or let Oak's estate hire Jan to compile a book, if there is sufficient demand. Oak's content should not be the leverage Jan can use to keep a stranglehold on the publication and the club. This is called "founder's syndrome."

I believe there is sufficient living expertise to make up for seeing this material over and over again. I've never met anyone working at a modern shop who refers at all to the club or Airmail as a reference. 

I don't believe the club should die with the old guys, and Jan's ostensible pragmatism is not actually in evidence in how he's handled this and many other topics over the years.

I think any future editor should be reminded that they are an employee of the board, be required to remain impartial, and not use the publication as a platform for their views, political or otherwise.

I recommend constituting an editorial committee that has oversight over the publication, for print and web, and they can either manage its publication entirely or direct and reign in Jan or whoever has the role of Editor. 


Justin Morrison
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Posted : 01/18/2023 14:15
Joe Hall reacted
Justin Morrison
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Moderators: can you move this thread to the General Discussion forum? 

Posted : 01/18/2023 14:16


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