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Sourcing parts and tool for Rear Main Seal replacement.

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Jorge briones
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Afternoon folks. New airhead owner and new to the website. I've joined your ranks and worked through issues with the new to me R100rs. I'd like to personally thank Tim Roberts for spending time with me on the phone and reviewing the process and letting me know what I'm up against. He offered to spend a tech day working with me. Before I go down that route, I think I pretty much have what I need as far as a shop set up to do the work, but I'm still learning about the bike's quirks and sourcing of parts. This brings me to my question for the group:

1- where is a good source for the seals I need (rear main and oil pump)?

2- where can I get the rear main seal installation and removal tool?

I checked with the one source that was recommended to me,  Euro Moto, but the seals are back ordered. I need a source for the puller/installation tool.

Thank you


Posted : 08/23/2022 11:22
David Elkow
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I recently replaced my rear main seal, and oil pump o-ring, on my ‘78 RS while renewing the clutch. I got my parts from The Beemer Shop in CA (Ted Porter). No special tool to remove the old seal. I have my own home-made tool to install, but I know Ted sells a tool to install as well. 

Most important note; When you go to remove the flywheel (or clutch carrier, depending on your model year) you MUST “block the crankshaft” so it can not shift forward once the flywheel is removed. Your friend will know all about this, and how to do it.  It’s no biggie, but consequences can be significant if you don’t do it. 

Posted : 08/26/2022 19:40
Jorge briones
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yeah, Blocking the front of the crank is pretty well documented and well emphasized everywhere I've looked. I was just having trouble sourcing the parts online. I finally old schooled it today and just called. EME had the parts and is sending them out. 

By the way, Thank you for responding. I was beginning to wonder if this forum was actually monitored or I had made a mistake posting.

Thanks again,



Posted : 08/29/2022 17:01


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