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Let's make plans for 2017

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James Strickland
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I just want to thank all Airheads who participated in our events for 2016. Even with the passing of our beloved former A.M., Al Sloan, you, the members continue to make our club a top-rate organization. Many thanks to Ed Dybala, Bruce Faubel, Dave Fahringer, and Mike Cummings for hosting tech days in 2016.
I want to look ahead to next year. I have spoken with "sidecar Terry" about the camp-out in Pontiac, IL. We agree to keep the 2nd weekend in June date on the calendar. Apart from that, I want to make sure that tech days and other events are scheduled and properly promoted and published in Airmail. Since there is a 6 week lead time for publication, I would need to submit events for May by mid-February to make sure they are listed in 2 Airmail issues. I want every member to feel free to contact me for information or planning for 2017.
James Strickland

former Airmarshal, IL.

Posted : 09/27/2016 13:15
Eric Repking
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Just saw this. Do not hit this site often. I guess I should start. I hope I can make a few. Plan on Ed's tech day since I have missed it the last couple years Great place to get new rubber installed. Will be scheduling hip surgery so I may be arriving in the cage. BUT I can carry more beer that way.


Posted : 03/26/2017 13:11
David Crawford
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Any ideas on 2018 stuff

Posted : 12/06/2017 16:01
Eric Repking
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I agree. Looks like I may be out on the Pontiac Campout. 2nd weekend is the 7th. Family plans. Out of state now Will get back to everyone on a Barley Therapy in May.

Posted : 12/06/2017 18:14


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