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Let's make plans for 2018

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James Strickland
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We had 3 tech Days in 2017. Many thanks to Ed Dybala, Dave Fahrigner, and Mike Cummings for hosting those events. We also had the Airhead/Sidecar camp out in Pontiac IL. That event will be repeated in 2018 again on the second weekend in June.

Now would be the time to make plans for 2018. I will soon be sending a mass e-mail to the membership list to seek event ideas and/or plans.

Mike Cummings has expressed an interest in organizing a Rt. 66 ride. Any thoughts on that?

As far as "Barley Therapy" is concerned, Al was never keen on promoting the combination of consuming alcoholic beverages and riding. I also take a dim view of that behavior. However, other states do it, and I firmly believe in personal responsibility. If any one wants to organize a "Barley Therapy", I will publicize it on this website calendar. I will not likely attend due to my geographic location and work schedule demands.

That's all for now. All members are encouraged to contact me at any time with ideas and requests.
James A...

former Airmarshal, IL.

Posted : 12/09/2017 13:12
Eric Repking
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Rt 66 ride would be interesting. I know it runs parallel to 44 and 40 through parts of Oklahoma Very close to the slab but would still be fun. I remember as a kid in HS mid 60's always wanting to "borrow" the sign ont the outer drive that said "Beginning Route 66" Could not get anyone to help. It was a two man job to do it fast. LOL

Barley Therapies could be done in the non riding season for people close to the host. Retired so I am trying to stay warm in the midwest non riding season. enjoying the weather but not the fires in S Cal right now. Cheers to all and thanks for the good work James. Al was one of a kind and will always be missed.

Posted : 12/09/2017 14:08
David Crawford
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If Route 66 ride set up I am in Staunton Illinois say 5 hours out of Chicago would be willing to set up rest stop for riders provide drinks snacks or something

Posted : 12/09/2017 23:38


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