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1982 r100rs carb balance

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Jay Finkelstein
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Noticed drop in gas milage. Decided to check carb balance using diy tubing and atf balance tool. Seems to be too much vacuum, as soon as bike starts fluid is drawn right into carb through vacuum port and remaining fluid is completely aerated. 

What cause this? Have been using this tool for years with great results. 

Posted : 10/04/2023 10:37
Steven Rankin
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Hi, let me start by asking how many miles on the bike, what is it?

Drop in gas mileage is the issue?   Have you inspected the diaphragms?  Any vacuum leaks?   High miles could mean worn needles and seats in the carbs.  I have had this happen a couple of times.   You really can't look at them to tell if they are bad but they are not all that expensive.

When were or have the carbs ever been rebuilt?  What shape are your valves in?   

As for why your gauge system is showing what it is showing, I can't help, I don't personally use anything to balance carbs.  Obviously in my mind, something is out of whack with one of the carbs.  

Sorry I am not much better help.  St.

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Posted : 10/04/2023 14:04
Richard Whatley
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Are you saying that each end of the ATF balance tube was connected to one of the carbs, and it still sucked all the ATF out of the tube ??

In my mind the only way this can happen is for the bike to be running on 1 cylinder.

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Posted : 10/05/2023 03:29


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