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Head temperatures

Rick Schroeder
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I am hoping someone knows the "normal" temperature of the heads at the exhaust pipe on a R100RT?  The other day, after a 4 hour ride in cool temps (65-70 deg.) i checked the head temp, within 5 minutes of shutting down, with a IR thermal reading device and had 248degs. on one side and the other side was 259degs.  Are these temps within an acceptable range of each other?  Valves, carbs, timing etc. are all in proper adjustment.



Topic starter Posted : 10/13/2021 12:54
Richard Whatley
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IMHO you are going about this the wrong way. One might think numbers, which sound very scientific, modern and precise are the way to go. Those numbers are simply the result of burning the fuel. In my way of thinking, why not simply pull the spark plugs and look at how the fuel is being burned ? If something is wrong, then the plugs will tell you. And they will also tell you where to look for any adjustments and corrections. The down-side is that you need to look at the plugs at the right time. 

Looking at the "numbers" is like school admin looking at the "class average". Doesn't tell you how well students are prepared for "life". Doesn't predict who'll "fall though the cracks". Doesn't tell you that 15 Korean families moved into the neighborhood with 15 "tiger moms" pushing their kids to over-excel. (An aside... I worked with a guy from India. He had a BS in Mechanical Eng and a BS in Electrical Eng. His wife had a MS in Chemical Eng. The wife stuck a list of spelling words on the wall opposite the oldest kid's toilet. Poor kid couldn't even take a poop without something to study ! Now that's a tiger mom!! 🤣 )

The only thing your numbers tell me is that the carbs are fairly well balanced. But of course, these are CV type carbs, so this tells me your Bing diaphragms are in good shape. 



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Posted : 10/14/2021 14:12
David Elkow
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All I can say is that if I accidentally touch anything down there after it’s been running, it’s damn hot!

Posted : 10/14/2021 18:47


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