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Right Exhaust Valve Noises; at my wit's end: 1981 R100

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William Cadmus
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It's been a little over a year now... What's  the status of the noise?    I'm experiencing a similar problem...


Posted : 05/07/2023 16:26
Dave Alquist
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You may have rocker arm trouble. Too much end float will cause the rocker to move up and down, changing the clearance. Pushing the rocker arm up when checking clearances will give the correct clearance also. Loose bearings and wear/damage to the rocker's contact point to the valve can cause false readings especially if the valve stem has worn the rocker tip off-center, resulting in a "lip" which will give a false reading. If any of these problems exist, any automotive machine shop has an attachment on their valve grinder to re-shape the rocker tip.

Posted : 05/17/2023 16:08
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