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CORR: Polar Bear Ride 1/1/2022

John Marshall
Member Moderator
The Central Oklahoma Road Riders will be having our traditional New Year's day motorcycle ride providing the weather cooperates.  Barring extremely low temperatures and any falling precipitation or leftover ground hazards (ice, snow), we'll be meeting at 10:30 AM CST at Pops Soda Ranch on Route 66 on January 1.  
660 U.S. Rte 66
Arcadia, OK 73007
The New Year's Day motorcycle ride will leave from Pops and proceed to Seeba Station Motorcycle Museum before heading onto Cracker Barrel in Shawnee for lunch.
Yes, there's still a pandemic going on, so please plan your ride and safety accordingly.  Hope to see you there.
Johnathan Gifford
BMW MOA Regional Coordinator
BMW MOA #80707
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Topic starter Posted : 12/24/2021 16:07
Eric Morales
Eminent Member

Hopefully its not too cold. What time is the meet again?

Posted : 12/28/2021 16:03
Eric Morales
Eminent Member

never-mind. I found the email. See you there hopefully.

Posted : 12/29/2021 08:09


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