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Looking for an isocycle dipstick

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Trever Taylor
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Goofy oil cooler dipstick, I think they are called redwing isocycle dipsticks. Looking for one that fits a 75/5 if anyone has one they want to sell. Can’t find anything on eBay right now. I’d pick up in person if you’re in Ohio, or pay for shipping. 

Posted : 02/19/2024 20:21
David Elkow
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Wow, never seen one of those. Is that supposed to draw heat up out of the oil?  Is there a liquid inside that helps convey the heat?  V..e..r..y  interesting!

Posted : 02/20/2024 08:35
Trever Taylor
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@4949 I believe they are filled with sodium and that absorbs the heat? I read it has some aerospace applications but I think this dipstick is more of a period gimmick and that’s why I like it. I actually found and bought one today, was sitting in a shop in Vermont since the 70’s haha.

Posted : 02/20/2024 16:56
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Richard W
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I got a garage full of 'period' goodies. 90° exhaust snouts, RT glove box extensions, foot boards, you name it !!

Let me send you a PILE  !! 🤣 

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Owning an old Airhead is easy.
Keeping an old Airhead running great is the true test.

Posted : 02/21/2024 07:08


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