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Parts Price Increases at BMW Dealer

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Dropped by my friendly local BMW shop yesterday (Ozzie's BMW in Chico, CA) to pick up a new transmission neutral switch. I was told they'd been on backorder for a long time, but they'd recently taken delivery of a whole bunch. But when I learned that the price had nearly tripled, to nearly seventy-five dollars, I left it on the counter. A superior quality switch is available from Siebenrock that isn't as prone to leaking, and it's still priced at less than twenty-five dollars. The parts guy that bearing prices had also skyrocketed, as had clutch parts. So just a heads up that if you've got maintenance and repair work on your agenda, you may want to shop around for the parts to see if you can get them before current stock runs out.

Posted : 09/23/2022 09:47


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