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Top Rack for SWB R50/5

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steve ratner
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Looking for a top rack for my swb r50/5 with a solo seat. I would like to stay vintage and time period authentic. Maybe someone has the rack used on the police bike. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks. 

Posted : 05/03/2023 06:11
Richard W
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Handsome bike !

Owning an old Airhead is easy.
Keeping an old Airhead running great is the true test.

Posted : 05/05/2023 05:20
John Peck
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Check out  They have a nice rack which they say will fit your bike with single seat.

There are others available from overseas venders (BMW Bayer, Motorworks).  I have the motorworks version on my r75/5 LWB.

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Posted : 05/12/2023 14:39
steve ratner
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thanks for the flatracer intro. the rack isn't vintage or time period correct but i really love the look and it's perfect for carrying my camera gear. also, nicely made.  

Posted : 06/25/2023 15:17
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