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Airheads at the Skibum Soirée-all the way east rally again

Mike Buhler
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Hey folks, hopefully Covid is going to give us enough of a break to actually host my rally again. I think I've said before that this has traditionally been an ADV rally but now that I'm the Air Marshall of the newest Atlantic Canada chapter I feel I need to open this event up a little to include any Airheads who want to come up. I think a mix of ADV'ers and Airheads would make for a really fn mix. 

Jan has been good enough to put this up on the calendar already so you see where we are in August. There will also be a little intro in the Airmail. 

I have a thread running on and I will cross post a few of the posts from there to hear. I'm not on this forum much so PM me if you have any questions. 

If you need a little help figuring out where we are have a look at this. Good excuse for a little ride. If you like Interstates, it's only 3 turns to my house once you're on I95.[​IMG]



Topic starter Posted : 01/13/2022 13:01
Mike Buhler
Member Moderator

Trolling past threads and pulling out a few tidbits.

For anyone who's been to previous ones here the format will be mostly the same with a few extra elements thrown in. This is a simple affair with various people going out on group rides mostly scenic pavement rides but there are a few offroad rides for those who want that.

If people want it we can meet at the Argentia ferry and ride the railbed from there back up towards here. I'll need to ride it between now and then to ensure nothing has been critically washed out. We can probably arrange a sag wagon to carry gear from the ferry to the house as well. I don't know how badly this route is chewed up from side by sides these days. Easy to bail back onto pavement if it sucks.

We should have a couple of rooms available for the odd person who does not camp but primarily this is a tent out affair. As it looks now there might only be one small room.

Typically this is a pretty small gathering, early editions only had up to 20 staying through, we'll see what kind of interest there is this year.

For the offroad crowd the T'Railway does across the island but these days you're going to want to be careful as there's now many many people from the mainland running it in side by sides etc so plenty of traffic on there and probably not very sensible.

There are old logging road options for about 2/3 of the island but I've never run them. I do know how to get on to the western end but haven't quite figured out the eastern end on Google Earth. There are a few short off-road hops nearer my place. In the past it's been a mix of offroad and pavement but I think my last rally or 2 people pretty much stuck to paved routes.

As for amenities we have been planning to open our Moto B&B she we have some rooms available. My friend in NS has already booked one so potentially 3 left. One ensuite and 2 with a shared bath. Plenty of tent space. I have and outdoor shower and I usually rent a Port-O-Potty for the event.

Typically folks enjoy a few pops in the shed or sitting around the fire pit where plenty of tall tales get told. The main theme of this is a social event as an excuse to go for a ride. Some people go for a longer ride than others. I've had people come from as far as Arkansas and Minnesota. To date it's always been a bit of fun with good people.

Topic starter Posted : 01/13/2022 13:04
Mike Buhler
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On another note in these new and interesting times we are asking that anyone coming for the rally be vaccinated. We are associated with a number of elderly people and we want to be sure to protect them.

The 2 ensuite are booked already. Looks like we have 1 more room available. We are also putting a cap of 20 people on the rally to give us enough room for social distancing. We'll see what the response is like from the Airheads crowd.

Topic starter Posted : 01/13/2022 13:05


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