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2023 Overland West Expo!

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Hey all, a couple of us are planning on heading to the Overland West Expo in Flagstaff, AZ (May 19th-21st). One on a Royal Enfield and me on my R75/5. I did it last year, and while it's generally not a typical Airheads event, there are lots of motorcycles, classes, moto-specific vendors, a moto party with great raffle, and wonderful camping from Thursday-Monday included in the ticket. Our plan is to get there a bit early and do some riding in the area around Sedona & Cottonwood, as well as further exploring Flagstaff. BMWMOA has a presence there, and while their focus is clearly on the GS crowd, they're still very nice and have some decent swag- Wes Fleming from Chasing the Horizon Podcast was there last year and he's a hoot to speak with...

We are leaving from Las Vegas area on Wednesday the 17th of May and hope to meet up with any folks interested in going to the Expo or just a ride with us in the area! Cheers,


Posted : 04/03/2023 14:00
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