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49er Rally planning!

Eric Christison
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Howdy all, I'm doing a bit of planning- or simply wishful thinking, in regards to the upcoming 49er rally. I am traveling solo from Las Vegas and am hoping to ride over Tioga Pass/Yosemite (Westbound- if the road is open then) enroute from Vegas to Mariposa Fairgrounds, chiefly using Hwy 395 on the Eastern slope of the Sierras.  Otherwise, I suppose I would have to got through Death Valley and Hwy 190/178/43/etc up to Mariposa from the South. So, does anyone have better suggestions or thoughts for non-interstate driving these routes, and/or anyone planning to go either of these directions and want to meet up along the way? It's still penciled in as May 27th-31st and I was mulling over being there for the full 4 days. Cheers,


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Eric Christison
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Route update! It turns out Yosemite is going to have day use/entrance reservations requirements again this Summer. So, if you are thinking of going through Yosemite to the 49er Rally (or at any point in 2021) you will need to make a reservation for it- and the time frame for doing so is as follows:

First day to reserve

Arrival date

April 21

May 21–June 30

April 28

July 1–31

May 5

August 1–31

May 12

September 1–30

May 14–September 23

seven days in advance

I just copied this schedule from the NPS site. Obviously, if Tioga Pass is still closed, this is a moot point. I just thought to share this info so folks could plan accordingly, AND it should also be noted that a single vehicle reservation only lasts for 3 days access to the park instead of the previous 7 days.


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