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Good airhead mechanic in Hudson Valley, NY (Rhinebeck, Red Hook region)

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Fred Chauffier
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Am shipping (yes I know, wanted to ride it but am a little shy of being on the road with random stops right now) my '81 R80G/S from LA where I live to my friend in NYS Hudson Valley with plans to ride up there a bit in June/July. The bike needs some work and am thinking to do it up there during the fall for next year's riding season out East. Can anyone recommend a good airhead shop up there (not the modern guys who'll just butcher the bike)? I use Matt at Black Kat in LA and am super happy with his work if anyone needs an intro, happy to do it...Fred

Posted : 05/23/2020 22:11
john stirling
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Ask Randy Long in PA or Tom Cutter at rubber chicken racing. Both north east guys..

Posted : 07/11/2020 14:55
Scot Marburger
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David Cushing maintains a list of airhead friendly shops, and we keep a copy posted under the AirLore tab above.

Posted : 07/11/2020 15:07
Richard Whatley
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Can't recommend a mechanic, but I can recommend a good shipper.... I recently sold a bike into NJ and the new owner wanted to ride it home, but because of C-19 feared using public transport to come to GA.

He found and I witnessed the loading and care of...
Keyboard Motorcycle Shipping

They only move pianos and motorcycles. They had a special steel pallet they loaded and strapped the bike to, and then they loaded the pallet onto their enclosed 18-wheeler. Even though the BMW bags and RS fairing were slightly wider than their pallet, the bike arrived without a scratch. And they were the only shipper the buyer found that stuck to their original price quote.

[color=blue]Don't hide 'em, Ride 'em !!

Posted : 07/12/2020 10:41
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What is the nature of the work that the bike needs? General service? Once over? Thanks....

Posted : 08/05/2020 21:00


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