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The 2019 BMW MOA rally is in Tennessee  

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Mike Buhler
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Got back on the ADV tent thread and found a guy in Virginia who actually answered me, plenty of guys didn't answer my PM's. I rode up the road with Jerry and another guy we picked up on the road for a couple of hours. Jerry was booking it home so I waved him off as I pulled out at my exit. Nic to have someone to ride with a couple of times on this trip. I pulled it to see greenflyfarmer and Karl welcomed me in to his place. He kindly offered me a cold beer first and we sat to chat. He asked why I was stopping so early and he said I should put on some more miles and that he knew some excellent camp spots down the road. We got out the maps...
Just past the wee hamlet of Montebello was a dirt road that ended with a few outhouses and close access to the Appalachian Trail. I went down there and rode for awhile on that road seeing a few little lanes to camp spots. I didn't bother to go all the way to the end instead I pulled off in a nice looking glade off one of the lanes. I went back to the little general store but it was closed. From there I set up camp and got a fire going in the fire pit. Not a bad way to spend the evening over a supper of Clif bar.

It was a full moon out there in the mountains and pretty, I'm obviously not much of a photographer but I tried.

From there is was supposed to be a pretty short run to my uncles where I was leaving my bike, somehow I ended up going south on 495 instead of north for a reminder of earlier days on this trip. I still got there in good time and gave my poor little beast a decent wash for the first time ever and tucked it away in the garage behind my uncles 4 bikes until I come back in September to take it to the 40th anniversary rally for the R65 LS and the R80 GS where the original designer is showing up.
I didn't realize how bad a shot I took of this but the mileage seems to come out as 6178.56

There ends my first real trip in too long, especially since last year's adventure was waylaid. Here's looking forward to more fun sooner rather than later.

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