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Chris Walstow
New Member

Has there been any thought to loading a digital version of the magazine onto this site and allowing members to drop the postal version and read online? Similar to what is now available with the MOA magazine.

As a Canadian member I like the idea of saving trees and postage. And as much as I am a Luddite in most things, digital is the direction the world is heading.

Topic starter Posted : 12/08/2018 17:26
Scot Marburger
Member Moderator

Going paperless, and before that, digitizing AirMail, has been a recurring topic for a long time. The biggest hurdle are Oak's tech articles, which he carefully protected from any sort of digital distribution. His estate maintains that position to this day. Oak was afraid that the ABC would lose control of the content once it became available in a digital format, costing the club one of it's most distinguishing advantages over most other motorcycle oriented organizations. I tend to agree with him, which is why we limit access to the tech articles not authored by Oak to ABC members only. Not quite as strict a limitation, but then the the information in those articles may not have quite the pedigree, either.

Another issue is that the club's founding father and current magazine editor is adamant that the printed AirMail is and shall always be the official journal of the Airheads Beemer Club. His opinion is bolstered by the fact that a significant number of members still have no internet access and would not avail themselves of an e-version of AirMail even if one was available.

Should you wish to pursue this further, I suggest you contact your Airmarshal and ask him to bring it up with the Board of Directors. Perhaps if enough interest is shown, a way forward can be found that would be satisfactory to all parties involved.

Posted : 01/22/2019 13:26
Eminent Member

Long Live the Airmail Magazine! Great production and info. It harkins me back to my teen days of getting Cycle & Cycle World mags my mailbox in the 60's.. and besides that... it is now an integral part of my morning sitdown!

Posted : 01/24/2019 09:55
Courtney Black
Eminent Member

I would be happy to just get them! I missed the December issue and February issue, they simply did not arrive in the mail. What sucks is that I had a write up in February for the Tech Day I hosted. Anyway, there is some kind of issue with delivery so digital might be good, but I really like the paper, heck I even read the ads and support those that support us!


Posted : 02/12/2019 19:57
Eminent Member

Courtney, my feeling is someone is at "Sleep at the Switch".. If anyone should have that Airmail Mag it's you.and..BTW....'great article on hosting a Tech Day!'
I'd be happy to send my copy to you. PM me .

Posted : 02/13/2019 22:20
Bret Williams
Trusted Member

I get a mailbox full of junk mail every day. I get bills every week. The only thing that is wanted is the Airmail magazine. One night a month tired and dirty out of the work truck and walk to the mailbox, a smile on my face. Keep up the good work.

Posted : 03/21/2019 00:46


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