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'77 R75/7: Build/Restoration Thread  

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Richard Whatley
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Back to my first post.

If the current rim and tire hold air, then run them.


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Posted : 10/07/2020 01:18
Mario Reznik
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From another and recent thread I've been following: 

"• No, my bad on the 24V VR, it needs to be 12V. I simply rushed over to Ebay and copied the link to the cheapest Bosch-type VR to make my point. But since you have an Odyssey AGM battery, you wouldn't want even the 12V version of that."

So after reading this and wanting to upgrade my voltage regulator, I jumped on Ebay and bought one. It's coming from the US because I took the recommendation seriously. Should I have known better? Yes. But not because of the technical aspects of such a part and its suitability, but the social implications of the person making the recommendation. 

I'm not concerned about the $30 odd that the item cost me. More concerning is that there seems to be mainly only one member that answers queries and comments on posts. There appears to be a lack of community and a diversity of opinions that follow, which is a problem, because the error made by this poster may have been picked up by others if there was any sort of engagement by the more experienced, or anyone, on this site.

Since there is not, then would a moderator please cancel my account and remove me from the list.


Topic starter Posted : 10/21/2020 16:12
andy murphy
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Richard Whatley, aka Wobbley, is a moderator of this forum and a highly respected voice in the airhead community. His advice for new owners trying to resurrect a neglected airhead can be considered a gold standard. He is always available for consultation through this forum. Trust him.  

Any public forum like this can suffer from members offering questionable advice. Many members will just 'lurk' and let others do the heavy lifting of answering questions and truly working with new members in your situation. My personal area of expertise is electrical troubleshooting and repair. I will quickly reply to questions where my knowledge and experience can help. 

Don't give up on this forum. Other BMW forums are more narrowly focused like the adventure bike riders, or broadly focused like the, where the correct pinstriping on gas tanks has been the hot topic for a week. This forum hits the sweet spot: get them running, keep them running, ride them.


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1995 R100RT

Posted : 10/22/2020 08:25
Scot Marburger
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I thought I'd find the answer to your carb needle position question in my copy of the Bing book, but the R75/7 isn't listed. The R75 /6 and R80 /7 both use 32mm Bings, and both have the clip in the third notch down from the top of the needle.

With regard to the current low participation rate, a lot of it has to do with the ABC website being shut down for a few weeks recently for an upgrade. During that time, there was no access to the Forum, and a lot of people, including me, got out of the habit of monitoring it. I also had to resubscribe to each of the three technical topics so I'd receive email notifications of new posts. That should help minimize the time between when a member makes their first post and when it is approved and others can respond to it (I'm a mod here, too).

With regard to your recent experience with list/forum advise. It's not clear if that errant post was on this Forum or not. If it was, would you mind posting the URL to it so that we as moderators can correct the error, or at least highlight it, so that no one else is tripped up?

While you're right that more eyes on a problem more quickly catch problems, it's important to remember that we're all human and we all make mistakes. In addition to this forum, there is a pretty deep collection of technical articles hosted here, and they should serve as being among the first places someone should look for technical information. There are similar technical collections at Snowbum's website, (most of which is reproduced here), and there are Haynes and Clymer manuals that also cover our airheads. Before jumping onto the internet and placing parts orders, or wandering out to the garage and spinning wrenches, take the time to consult all of these resources. Any disagreement or controversy in approach will quickly become apparent, and a quick post to this Forum (or other discussion group areas on the internet) may help to resolve it. But they could just as likely lead to more confusion, at least until the new owner/wrencher leans which voices are the most credible.



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