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Horn/Light Switch Repair

Philip Ross
New Member

The horn on my /50 was not operating and after confirming the horn works, I took apart the switch. Yet another hack job from a previous owner. Only two of 5 wires connected (only lights) and all sorts of tape and a one inch extension splice fell out. I took apart the switch, cleaned it up and put it all back together (surgical precision required) and am about to rewire. My question is if there is a diagram showing which wires attach to each stud? There are five studs (screws) and one appears to be brass. Does it belong somewhere specific? Other than being a precision exercise, it does not seem hard to repair this switch, but it seems in all the forums people have had little luck refurbishing this switch. Am I missing something? should I just buy a new one?    

Topic starter Posted : 05/10/2022 22:26


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