Bing Carburetor Floats and Float Needles

Bing carburetors FLOAT NEEDLES, whether the pure slide type carburetor, or the CV type carburetor, both as used on BMW Airhead motorcycles, come in several varieties. In general, TWO present-day available versions will fit all the Airheads carburetors. Very early carburetors had a solid metal needle. That needle was available in more than one 'style', but for all, there was NO rubber tip nor a Viton tip, tip was simply part of the float needle. The later type of needle, that most of Airhead owners have, is similar to the photograph below. The needle shown in this photograph has a spring loaded plunger with a hole in it, with the easy-to-lose wire clip, and RED tip material. GRAY-BLACK tipped material will also be seen. I suggest purchasing the stock type needles from your BMW parts supplier, and not Bing themselves. The all-metal needle used on early models is a different size, and will not properly fit later carburetors, and, vice-versa. Be sure to get the correct needle. If you want to install a Viton-tipped needle in a carburetor that used the Bing all-metal needle, you can, per Bud Provin (, who says to use the very common float needle used on many old Amal carburetors, as used on old British bikes. The part can be found on a simple internet search, for float needle 622/197; or, as 013, 622/197.
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