Dual Plugging

I responded to some questions on and off the Airheads Mailing LIST about dual plugging and the automatic advance unit (ATU). I commented on setting timing and the types of modifications made by others to the ATU. Although I have had dual plugging on one of my R100RT bikes, and have had it on others, I did not think it necessarily always warranted for the average rider.
The result was a lot of misapplied and mistaken comments from Members of the Airheads LIST.  I got other interesting replies, to say the least, almost all being off the list.

HERE, I will try to make some definitive comments on dual-plugging and the automatic advance units.  FIRSTLY, I advise you to read the more comprehensive and likely more-up-to-date article on dual plugging on my website:

In my estimation, dual plugging is, or can be …an minimal to moderately expensive solution to some things that might be …or ARE ….problems.

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