Early R75/5 Bing CV Carburetors

This article deals with problems with early versions of CV carburetors used on the R75/5. This includes getting the bike to start and to idle correctly as best possible. A basic mini-overhaul can be done with the carburetors in place on the engine. This may be enough. Three articles, the one you are reading, and http://bmwmotorcycletech.info/bingcv.htm  ....and http://bmwmotorcycletech.info/bingcv-2.htm are not just about how to overhaul Bing CV carburetors. These articles are specifically designed to fully inform you what you need to know, as an Airhead owner/rider, about Bing CV carburetors. While it may appear that the information in the below article does not apply to the later carburetors (except for information as to how the /9 & /10 and later carburetors are different from these /1, /2, /3 and /4), that is not so! The information in this article should be read by anyone that also works on later model CV carbs ...as some things are good to know ....such as about the springs that might be added, changes in parts, and problem area. Before working on the R75/5 carburetors to cure what might seem to be carburetor problems, such as high or irregular idle rpm or inability to properly adjust the carburetors, it is important that the engine valves be set correctly, & the ignition timing be correct. Be sure there are no vacuum leaks at the throttle shafts.  Be sure the hoses between carburetor & cylinder head are tight & not leaking vacuum (spray with any volatile solvent ...must not be idle rpm changes). Never work on carburetors unless you are sure all else is OK!
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