Hardware. Steering head, swing arm and wheel bearings. Screws, studs, nuts, bolts, clips, fuel fittings & hoses, center-stand springs, rubber parts, throttle friction device, etc.

This article lists & describes, hardware items for BMW Airhead motorcycles & may have errors. It was not possible to physically look at every part listed here. Parts numbers & descriptions were taken from a Snabb Katalog & checked against a 1995 printed Parts List (the last such ever printed on paper by BMW). Most were checked against my own stock of parts; some were checked against on-line fiche. A small amount of input was from others. BMW on-line fiche is not as fully descriptive as some other types of BMW parts literature. Most of you will use the on-line fiche, which is generally adequate-enough. Here is a good source of such on-line fiche: https://shop.maxbmw.com/fiche/fiche.aspx
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