Replacing Rear Main Seal – 3 (Parkhouse)

This will be a long one… So I’ll break the reply into two parts: Tear down and reassembly.

Parts to have on hand… Rear main seal, oil pump O-ring, oil pump cover and 4 bolts (upgraded since /6 series), 5 new flywheel bolts, 4 driveshaft lockwashers, 4 driveshaft bolts, 6 clutch bolts, a new driveshaft boot if the old one is cracked or leaking.

Special tools… Clutch compressing screws (you can use bolts and nuts-less handy but works OK, or get from Ed Korn [seeĀ Links]), a flywheel brake (make out of bar stock or get from Ed Korn), rear main seal installer: from Ed Korn, 6mm allen drive on 3/8 socket, torque wrench, 10mm-12 point box end wrench (I like Snap-on’s), 27mm or 1 1/16″ socket (turned or ground down on outside), micrometer or calipers, slide hammer with hook attachment, impact screwdriver with large phillips bit.

Place bike on center stand (if a “Ride-off stand”, block up on 2X4s), you want to be able to turn rear wheel freely. Drain gearbox if work is planned on it. Drain driveshaft as oil will spill when it is disconnected. Remove gas tank, set aside out of way. Take carbs off cylinders and hang over front of cylinders, out of way.

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