Wherle Electronic Voltage Regulator

This modification is for the plastic case electronic voltage regulator that Wherle made, with its name on the case. I have only modified a few of these.  IT IS POSSIBLE THAT YOURS MIGHT LOOK DIFFERENT INSIDE, as other versions could have been made. 

This modification will increase the charge voltage to better charge the battery and give longer life. This will be useful in instances where the voltage at the battery terminals is found to be at or below 13.9, at approximately 70°F at the regulator. This modification will ensure better battery charging, and longer battery life, especially for in-town commuters. This modification essentially turns your voltage regulator into the pricier BMW-sold high voltage Authorities (Police) regulator, very cheaply. TWO methods are described, so that at least one of the parts needed will be available locally.  All Wehrle regulators are not the same.  Be sure yours is the same as the one described here, before modifying it.

Cost: I will assume you have the tools, and will do the labor yourself. The parts cost will be from 10 cents to $3.00, depending on what part(s) you purchase.

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