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1977 R100/7 head noise

Mark Creek
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My 90/6 and my 75/5 both have a sweet almost orchestral sound. My /7 has a strange extra noise kinda like the faint pinging noise an engine makes with low octane and early detonation. This extra “pinging” noise is unique to the right side and is made in the background of the normal tappet ticking. It is not regular in pattern but more of a broken, uneven sound. It doesn’t happen all of the time and seems to vanish during deceleration. My valves have been adjusted and readjusted. The clearances on the rocker shafts have been adjusted and readjusted.  It seems the pushrods are not touching anything inside their holes. Someone mention possible valve springs? Is that something I can check or am I chasing down the wrong road?

Topic starter Posted : 11/22/2021 16:14


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