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Joel Hunnicutt
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Just made a deal to trade my 01 RT 1100 for an 85 RT80. Going to be a whole new world for me. Giving up reliable, smooth power for a really cool, completely unknown bike. I do know that the ignition was replaced with a Motorad Electik ignition last year and is purported to be in good running order. Making the trade about 200 miles from home and riding the bike back, so we shall see...

Once it gets home, I'll post pics and have lots of questions.

It is coming with a Clymer, so I guess, I start going through it a bit at a time. Fluid changes and valve check seem to be at the top of the list and I will work my way down from there.

Posted : 04/14/2016 22:02
Richard W
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Welcome aboard ! I came within days of buying one of those myself.

When you do your "fluid changes" don't forget the brake fluid.

Owning an old Airhead is easy.
Keeping an old Airhead running great is the true test.

Posted : 04/15/2016 00:22
Marcus Priddy
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Hey Joel, congrats on the airhead! :woohoo:
I just made the switch from a flying brick K75 to a 1978 R60/7 a few weeks ago.
Cheers to diving into it with an older cooler bike!

Posted : 04/15/2016 14:21
Joel Hunnicutt
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Made it home with the rt80 just fine. A 250 mile ride on a new to me bike is a bit nerve wracking. Bike did great. Idle appears high once bike is good and hot. I will check valves and synch carbs pretty quickly. Otherwise the bike seems well sorted. I will do baseline fluid change and work through stuff bit by bit. I will post a pic when time permits

Posted : 04/17/2016 23:04


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