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Rubber mounts for Jesse bags

Wynne Benti
New Member

Can anyone suggest where I can buy the rubber mount shown in the photo for 2005 Jesse bags? I need four. Have an email into Jesse but they haven't supported the bag for awhile. 

Topic starter Posted : 07/07/2021 09:22
Richard Whatley
Member Moderator

That's industrial hardware, so I'd look at McMaster-Carr, Grainger, or MSC.


Here's a link to McMaster's page...

► Pay special attention to the "Mounting Surface Height" in the third column. I believe you want one with a steel washer in the bottom, so only order the ones with 1/16" listed as the height.

► Second most important dimension is the "Height" in the second column.

Hope this helps.

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Posted : 07/08/2021 15:54


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