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Dave Alquist
Member Moderator

Dave Alquist, Arizona A/M here. I've tried a few different ways for club members to communicate with each other-It's a big state, and some of us live hundreds of miles from most of our fellow members. I do mass e-mails when an event is coming up, or when there's some news that members could find interesting. I started (with much help from fellow member Sean Crooks) an Arizona-specific website with a member forum-it worked for while, but kind of faded off. The best medium of communication so far has been Facebook. My friend, R60US-riding Eric Crookston, helped me to develop the page, and it's doing pretty well! After just a month, we've got 31 members who are showing off their bikes, talking about rides, and fielding tech questions. I'm thinking this is the way to go-before this, I could e-mail all the club members, but they couldn't contact each other on a local basis. Also, I'm always open to suggestions on what others are doing, even though I haven't warmed up to the "ZOOM" idea yet!

Posted : 05/07/2020 18:17


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