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Dave Alquist
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Dave Alquist, Arizona A/M here. I've tried a few different ways for club members to communicate with each other-It's a big state, and some of us live hundreds of miles from most of our fellow members. I do mass e-mails when an event is coming up, or when there's some news that members could find interesting. I started (with much help from fellow member Sean Crooks) an Arizona-specific website with a member forum-it worked for while, but kind of faded off. The best medium of communication so far has been Facebook. My friend, R60US-riding Eric Crookston, helped me to develop the page, and it's doing pretty well! After just a month, we've got 31 members who are showing off their bikes, talking about rides, and fielding tech questions. I'm thinking this is the way to go-before this, I could e-mail all the club members, but they couldn't contact each other on a local basis. Also, I'm always open to suggestions on what others are doing, even though I haven't warmed up to the "ZOOM" idea yet!

Posted : 05/07/2020 18:17
Dwight Small
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Hey Dave - long time no see...and look now we have both ended up as Airmarshal's.  WY has a similar expansive layout of members.  I don't quite have a handle on being an Airmarshal yet, but I would like to get something started here with the short riding season we have.  I have held several Tech Days in the past while living in CO, but currently I don't have much more than a cattle pasture to offer.  

The short story - I was living in company provided housing so I bought some land and started building a garage.  My wife found out and thought she could put a bakery in part of it.  Currently she has 1100 of the 1400 sqft and a line out the door.  But because I left that job for a better one we are living in the other 300 sqft.  Hopefully I will be able to add some garage space soon, but right now I am building a living room.


Hope all is going well for you.

Posted : 02/10/2021 14:16
Ran Bush
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Hello Gents - I created a FB page for Nor Cal Arheads, although I am not a FB user on my own. A former Nor Cal Airmarshal created a FB page but nothing had been posted there for a few years, so I created a new active page. The a$$hat never replied to my multiple requests to take his old inactive page down and FB "Support" never replied to my request to delete the inactive page.

I post ride pics and Barley Therapy pics on a fairly regular basis to the new page, to try to ensure repeat visitors and show that we're an active group. I also created an Instagram page, but I am not as active there; seems to be a lot of people taking pics of their dog or other nonsense on Instagram. And it seems to be smartphone-based and I'm too old and impatient to be screwing around with my phone like that.

I have "liked" and "friended" other Airhead club FB pages that I've found and the Nor Cal BMW club (modern Beemer riders) and MOA, and that seems to increase visits and activity on the Airhead page.

Stay warm!

Posted : 02/16/2021 12:04


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