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Fog/Running lights

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Eric Odinski
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I have a R80/7 1983 and I’m considering adding fog lights to the crash bars. Does anyone have a wiring diagram that shows how the wiring is cut into the wiring harness and also a mounting location for the on off switch.  I realize it needs to be connected somehow to the switched power but not sure where/how. Also it was originally a RT so I do have an unused plug that I might use if it’s capable of pulling the electrical load. Power wise I get +\- 12 volts at idle and 13.5+ volts at 2500 rpm so I think I don’t need to up grade the alternator. I’d probably just add one light. And more for looks than night riding as I’m blind as a bat when the sun goes down lol. 



Posted : 02/01/2024 17:45
Mike Buhler
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The running lights I have on a couple of bikes just wire to the battery with a separate switch. One set is wire to the high beam and the other set is stand alone. 

Posted : 02/02/2024 06:44
Steven Rankin
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As long as you are using a relay in the fog light system, you can use almost any switched hot wire for the switch side of the fog light assembly.  On the RT the solid gray wires are for the "parking light" or tail light circuit.  I tied the wire for my switch for fog lights into that circuit.   

This is for the switch side of the relay only NOT the power side. St.

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Posted : 02/03/2024 06:02


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