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Forum Posting Permission?

Joe Hall
Eminent Member

I thought I had joined Airheads 8 days ago, but apparently not. So I rejoined today, and this is a test post. All my posts from the last 8 days were flagged as, "awaiting moderation". So hopefully, my posts will now be permitted to appear not the forum.

If there's anything else I need to do at this point, someone please advise.


Joe Hall 

Topic starter Posted : 11/03/2020 07:05
Richard Fish
Active Member

This is confusing & complicated!


Posted : 06/27/2021 21:33
Dave Jensen
Active Member

I am in the same boat, a good opportunity for a test post after" awaiting moderation" on the last one.

Posted : 10/09/2021 15:47
Richard Clark
New Member

How do i get permission to post?

Thanks, Rick Clark

Posted : 11/10/2021 08:21
Richard Whatley
Member Moderator

I don't know the exact answer myself. However, I think the belief was that your first post would go in the General Discussion forum. You know, something like, "Hey ! I'm Nannuk, and I'm a new member in Greenland."

That would get "approved" for publication by me, the moderator of the General Discussion forum. Thereafter, having been approved once, you would forever be on the 'approved to post anything anywhere' list. Which, for clarity's sake is not a physical list, but rather an electronic list kept by the website software of "real" Airhead members.

In this way spam and other obnoxious ads are kept from posting on our forums. That is the intent. This because having your serious technical discussion peppered with Viagra ads can get REALLY annoying.

To clarify, I am not the only moderator, and my "super powers" are limited to the General Discussion and Technical forums. And my knowledge to give you a full and complete answer is limited to my experience on WordPress. 

[color=blue]Don't hide 'em, Ride 'em !!

Posted : 11/24/2021 05:43


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