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78 R100s directional signals blowing fuses

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Matthew Hintlian
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Every time I use the directional signal it blows the fuse.  I have replaced the wiring for the rear tail light and directionals as well as replaced the bulb sockets all the way around.  Still blowing the fuse.  I have ordered a replacement relay for the directional signals and hopefully this will correct the issue.  Nevertheless, short of dismantling the steering head to remove the forks to see if there is a short iin the wiring I hope this will fix the issue.  Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

Posted : 08/07/2023 09:49
Richard W
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You forgot to say whether this happens on one specific side, or both. Knowing that information narrows the search area.

• If BOTH sides, then the short is between the fuse and the handlebar switch.

• If one side, then the short is between handlebar switch and the bulbs on that side only.


Here's a simplified schematic to help....


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Posted : 08/08/2023 08:03
Robert Whigham
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Check relay socket wiring. I saw one with flasher out wired to ground.



Posted : 08/09/2023 11:01


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